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Minecraft iConomy Addon


Conomy for Minecraft is a multiplayer server mod that adds currency to Minecraft, which allows players to trade, sell and buy materials and tools to each other. Further development of iConomy has now lead to the ability to host in-game lotteries, auctions, and even create physical store fronts for player to sell their stuff!

Create physical store fronts
With iConomy, it is now possible to create fully functional towns with basis in a thriving economy! Some can attend farms, some can work as miners and sell their products in their own store, earning money to buy materials and tools needed to play. All in an open market where demand and supply sets the price. How awesome is that?

Server Market
If activated, players can buy and sell certain items from the market.

Auctions and lotteries
Stimulating user interaction and creating a fun game element at the same time!

Increased addon support
The creators of iConomy has greatly improved the ability to write your own plugins that goes along and uses iConomy. Ideally, this means that other mods that perhaps introduces fire arrows, runes, more food or more farm items, can be written to use the iConomy system! Imagine the possibilites!

MySQL support
Besides using a text file for store all iConomy data, it is possible to connect iConomy to a MySQL database

Choose your own money
The currency that the system uses is fully customizable. Name it yourself and setup it just as you want it.