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Minecraft Improved Chat Addon


Movable cursor - move through typed text with left and right arrow(if you hold ctrl you'll skip words)
Copy and Paste - use ctrl-C, ctrl-V to copy and paste text
Browse past commands - use up and down arrow keys to pass through past messages
Scroll chat history - using pageUp, pageDown or mouse wheel allows you to scroll through the chat history
Clear chat history - ~clear
Disable and re-enable chat - type ~stop and ~start respectively
Change color and opacity of the chat box:
~bgColor color color can be red, blue, green ,yellow, gold,..
(read .minecraft->mods->wd1966->colors.txt for more and edit it if you know what are you doing).
~bgOpacity val val is between 0 and 100.
Bind text(commands) to keys - usage: ~bind <ctrl-><shift->Key text
This simply binds a line of text to a button, so when you press that button you will send that line to server.
If last character in line is \, text will appear in chat box so you can edit it.
Make variables ~var <name> <regex>
You can now make variables to be used in your chat.
To make a variable you simple type ~var <name> <regex> where regex is a regular expression.
Improved chat will scan the incoming text for regex and if it finds it that value will be stored in the variable.
You can later use that variable by typing $ before variable's name or if you wish to make a binding that will automatically replace variable use apostrophe. Example: ~bind r ~(/msg '$playerMsg' )\
Use constants - You use them the same way you would variables but they can not be changed and the are read from vars.txt file in .minecraft directory.
Text prefix ~(prefix)text
If your text will break in more lines prefix will appear in the beginning of all that lines.
Line processing (rules)
You can now process incoming, outgoing and displayed lines.
Format: ~input, output, display <regex>\n<repl> where regex is a regular expression to be searched and repl is replacement string.
Colors in text &c<n> where n is in 0-9 or a-f
While you can not send colored messages, you can color incoming and displayed lines.
Color end tag: /&c
Run scripts: ~script <scriptName>
List variables, input, output and display rules or key bindings ~list type
Delete variable, input, output and display rule or key binding ~delete type id