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Minecraft LWC Addon


LWC will soon be turning one year old and has been around since hey0's server mod (later known as hMod.) LWC started out because other chest protection plugins weren't satisfactory (to me) and at the time I was running a server, so it was only natural that I had to roll my own solution.

Did I think LWC (and even I) would still be here, one year later? Never. The massive support over the year has encouraged me so much and I hope that shows through my dedication (if you've been in IRC and I'm online at the time, you might've found you were in and out in less than 5 minutes!) and continues to show as the days go on.

I am working on massive internal workings on LWC and will dramatically change some aspects of LWC. This new version, which begins at 4.0.0, aims to both polish the old features and bring in new features to heavily improve upon what is missing or partially working/broken.

The biggest feature that is planned that will most likely be used the most is configless setup - you will no longer have to modify config files manually (most of the time?) and things such as live MySQL conversion will be possible which allow you to convert from SQLite to MySQL without a single restart or reload. This is just an example of what will become possible.

LWC will also become even faster than it is now and will dramatically reduce database load. Older features will be glorified, and fixed. There are still features that exist in LWC that are either half working or not working at all (such as automatically closing Iron Doors) which need to be fixed.